Pencil History

Jan 10, 2019

The development from pencil to pen is a big step forward. With the development of production technology, pens began to appear as stylists in the 1980s, and the re-positioning and design of freely pens and makeup tools have brought more possibilities to various products. Milky eyeshadows, eyeliners and concealers can take full advantage of this smooth performance of the fountain pen. Just like a pencil as a stylus, all kinds of cosmetics are very suitable for liquid pen-type packaging, especially for those eye products or point products such as acne.

The success of fountain pens in the cosmetics world, like pencils, can be attributed to the diversity and flexibility of their applications, the ease of use, and the acceptability of this form. Of course, in the process of product development, there are also various obstacles and difficulties. For example, the integration of product formulas with complex mechanical procedures is far from easy. To understand these developmental obstacles, it is necessary to have a close cooperation between the formulator and the packer to ensure that the pencil can continue to expand and better serve the consumer.

The liquid eyeliner uses a mechanical fluency pen. The traditional inkwell design of the eyeliner inkwell-design eyeliners has also undergone great changes. Almost all successful designs have such a feature that the entire perfect makeup line can be sketched out with just one stroke. Therefore, the development of all these new products is to give consumers greater convenience, so that they can accurately outline the eye lines, and only need one action to complete without the need for constant makeup.

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