Makeup Brush Use

Jan 30, 2019

Professional brush tools pay attention to the division of labor, so there are eyebrows on the thrush, eye shadow, eyeliner, eye pleat brush, lip brush, honey powder brush, etc. The era of the big, medium and small three brushes to go to the world has passed. But with so many tools, can you completely replace the traditional make-up tools? Isn’t the powder and cotton pads discarded? The answer is no. Take the most important step in makeup, “Powder Foundation” as an example. The puff is still the best tool for evening the foundation, but after finishing the powder, the excess powder is brushed off with a large powder brush. The whole makeup will be more Naturally, therefore, the brush and other tools used by everyone should be complementary to each other, instead of replacing the old habits with new ones.

With the passage of time, the changes of the times, a lot of brushing functions have a new interpretation, take the foundation as an example, the traditional foundation brush is flat shape, the powder is more considerate to contact the skin, using the sideways way, That is, the side of the brush touches the face. Now, with the continuous advancement of make-up technology, the makeup products are constantly updated, and the styles and functions of the brush are also updated. Nowadays, the foundation is mainly adopted and the most popular is the flat brush. It can be used as a powder foundation or a cream foundation. The technique is no longer to use the brush side, but the brush head push method, using the flat brush head, the hair peak is soft and delicate, and the foundation is used. Naturally symmetrical, the most popular now is this paragraph. Of course, the merchants have been pushing new ideas, and the new flat-headed beveled foundation brush is also more powerful in production.

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