Eyeliner Classification

Mar 10, 2019

The emulsion eyeliner has strong expressiveness, is not easy to fall off after coloring, and the drawing lines are smoother. However, because the thickness of the nib is limited, the thickness of the drawn lines is not easy to change. Therefore, when using this type of eyeliner, a set of nibs that can be replaced should be prepared, so that you can draw detailed and smooth lines or depict them. Thick, soft lines.

Because the lines drawn by this type of eyeliner are well colored, you can also use your fingers to gently smudge the lines drawn to fill the eyeshadow. This is fast and harmonious. The pencil type eyeliner is easy to use and carry, and the price is low. It is a carry-on of a working woman. However, its expression is weak, it is easy to fall off after coloring, and it is suitable for use in short-term makeup. It is one of the tools you can use to make up your makeup at work and in your daily life. Because this type of eyeliner is light and soft, it can be drawn repeatedly, so it is suitable for beginners to draw eyeliners. You won’t ruin the carefully painted face makeup because of a mistake. This eyeliner gives you the opportunity to make mistakes. The lines drawn by this type of eyeliner can be thick and thin, and the coloring can be thick or light. It is also the ideal choice for girls who like to wear a light makeup. If you want to color a thicker eyeliner, just take a few more.

Black gray and dark brown eyeliners are the best choice based on our oriental skin color and eye color. If your face is black or yellowish, you should choose a dark gray eyeliner to make your eyes stand out. If your face is healthy pink or white, choose a dark brown eyeliner that will make you The eyes look radiant and full of charm.

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